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Corporate management system for organizations dealing with waste management

Nowadays the role of environment-conscious thinking and that of environment protection is significantly emphasized within our society, which motivates waste management organizations to treat more complex tasks also with appropriate IT-support. Integrated systems do not only make processes transparent, but also assure their efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Synergon introduced its SAP Waste & Recycling module at several companies together with its full and uniform SAP business system. This solution replaced the former „island-applications”, thus presently it provides a modern IT-solution based on the joint and uniform database in the field of either the operative tasks or that of managerial information service.

The mobile order management system, which belongs to the industrial sector solution of SAP Waste & Recycling, keeps in contact with the on-board computers built into the transport vehicles. The continuous on-line connection means that by means of the rapid flow of data and information, the different kinds of waste and useful materials can be traced much more easily and reliably. The integrated measuring system, on the other hand, delivers information concerning the treatment and disposal of waste. The planning of optimal routes provides help for capacity planning, but the system is also capable of keep up with the frequently changing statutory provisions concerning either the local norms or the community regulations of the European Union.

The experts of Synergon thoroughly studied every single detail of waste management besides the operational processes and regulations of the company concerned in order to make the new system be in full compliance with the expectations of the industrial sector and those of the users. The process of public invoicing, regular and ad hoc waste collection and -recycling, for example, constitutes a part of the installed system, together with the invoicing of the company’s other processes (the selling of vessels, container-cleaning), as well as the treatment of waste materials acquired with the aim of utilization (waste metal, pallets, cardboard etc.), the assignment of vessels, or the preparation of forwarding documents.

These successful introductions once again reinforce the fact that the entire corporate management system of SAP is built up along standards that can cope with the requirements of every industrial sector, while at the same time and with proper know-how and experiences it can also be extended by modules or individual developments that comprehensively attend to the requirements being characteristic of the relevant industrial sector. SYNERGON’s team of experts provide quality solutions to the new challenges of the industrial sector based on their extremely wide range of their ever growing experience in a way that wins both the satisfaction and acknowledgment of its clients.


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